Anatomy of a good workout plan


A workout task should be atomic. Avoid mixing up multiple tasks in a single target.

Good example Bad example
20 pulls up Workout


A workout task should be quantifiable. It should have a numeric target that is either reached or not.

Good example Bad example
restrict to 2000 calories lose weight


A workout task should be attainable. It is best to keep the initial target around 80% of what you wish to hit. You can always increase the target as time passes.

Good example Bad example
30 mins running (increase later) 3 hours running


A workout task should be incremental. Starting low and then growing to tougher targets is a good workout plan.


A good workout task should be unambiguous.

Good example Bad example
4 glasses of water Hydrate yourself

Easy wins

A good workout plan should have a few "easy wins". This helps you get in the habit of checking the green boxes and getting in the habit.

Good example Bad example
Dress up for workout ...

Rest day

A good workout should have a few rest days.